COVID-19 Updates

All in-person TMEA meetings and events are suspended for the remainder of the school year. For the latest updates, go to the COVID-19 Updates page. The information on the COVID-19 webpage supersedes any standard program information presented on this website.

The following print and video files are ready for distribution. All print-ready materials should be printable on standard 8.5" x 11" paper. In addition to being viewable from the website, some videos may also be downloaded and burned to DVDs. If you have requests for other resources that would be widely beneficial, notify us of that request.

In addition to the resources available here, we recommend visiting the NAMM Foundation's Support Music Coalition site for in-depth support materials. Combining their resources with the advocacy materials below should help you succeed in your local efforts.

Also, the Music Achievement Council, sponsored by NAMM and NASMD offers a wealth of information to support music educators with recruiting and retention, advocay, the business of being a music educator and more. Music Achievment Council's Resources for Educators


Fine Arts Participation Data: This PowerPoint presentation includes compelling research results about fine arts education, including state-level enrollment data showing how campuses with higher fine arts enrollment have higher academic ratings and graduation rates. The Notes section on the "Our ISD" slides includes a link to get to your campus data and instructions for updating those slides for your customized version of this presentation. Download this PowerPoint template and use all or just a few of the slides depending on what will be effective in your next presentation on the importance of fine arts in your school.

Print-Ready Materials
arts and college and career readiness musicstudentsdontjust learnnotes toptenskillschildrenlearnfromthearts forweb STEM STEAMtoPrint rcm musiceducationbenefits
College & Career Readiness: Arts Education Is Essential Music Students Don't Just Learn Notes Top 10 Skills Children Learn from the Arts STEM Vs. STEAM The Benefits of Music Education
All State SAT Averages National SAT Score Comparison Learning Arts Brain Dana Foundation Creativity in 21st Century Workforce Prep voices in the arts
All-State SAT Results National SAT Results Learning, Arts, & The Brain Creativity in 21st Century Workforce Preparation Voices in the Arts
ReverseEconomics Opting for Creativity Newsweek Sep2008 musiceducationinthelawchart    
Reverse Economics Newsweek: Opting for Creativity Music Education In the Law    


Advocacy Packet (Contains some of the above files in a single PDF)

Hearing the Music, Honing the Mind (November 2010 Scientific American article supporting music in the school because of its affect on the brain)

Educating Through the Arts: How Fine Arts TEKS Correlate to TAKS Objectives


KRTU Radio Documentary (Compelling music education advocacy statements, TMEA convention insights, and performances by the 2010 TMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble)


Music Is Essential (Music education is an essential part of every child's education)

2017 TMEA Convention Keynotes by Bob Morrison and Eric Booth

2013 TMEA Convention Keynote by Karl Paulnack

2012 TMEA Convention Keynotes by Mike Huckabee and Carl St.Clair (full-length and highlights versions)

Dan Pink: A Hard-Headed Case for Arts Education (2009 TMEA convention keynote)

The Role of Creativity in 21st Century Workforce Preparation (2009 Texas Senate/House Briefing, Dan Pink, key speaker)

2010 TMEA Convention Keynotes

  • Benjamin Zander: The Art of Possibility
  • Tim Lautzenheiser
  • Senator Florence Shapiro: Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Music for a Complete Education (30-second PSA)

World of Music (Importance of the TMEA Clinic/Convention and music education)