CPE Records

Credit Eligibility

CPE credit is available only to TMEA Active type members and out-of-state attendees who register and attend convention. College Student and Retired members and attendees with family or visitor badges will not have access to create CPE records.

CPE credit must be claimed by the end of the school year in which the convention takes place. We will keep records of claimed credit for a period of 5 years as long as the member maintains their TMEA membership.

2020 Clinic/Convention CPE Record

  • Go to the 2020 Personal Convention Schedule.
  • Log in using your TMEA username and password.
  • Follow the instructions below to create your personal schedule and retrieve your CPE form.

Instructions (after the convention):

  1. Search for the sessions you attended by using the “New Search” link at the top of the convention schedule web page.
  2. On the search results page:
    1. Click the “Add to Personal Schedule” checkbox to add an event to your personal schedule. Complete this selection for every session you attended.
    2. Once you have selected all of the events you want in the current search, click the “Add Selected” button to save your selections.
      (You must do this before starting a new search or it will not be saved!)
  3. On your personal schedule page: sessions that are CPE eligible have been marked for you by default. Verify the sessions you attended have the “Show on My CPE Record” checkbox marked. Click the “Save CPE Selections” button if you made any changes.
  4. Click the link under the CPE header to access your CPE Record. The CPE record includes the signature of the TMEA Executive Director and the SBEC CPE provider number. Submit to your administration and keep a copy for yourself.
  5. This schedule is saved and available for at least two years following convention.

Previous Convention CPE Records

Click Here to view a complete list of your previously saved CPE forms. Previous convention CPE records are not editable, they are set to what you selected at the time.