New Convention Proposal Period

2021 Virtual Convention: February 10–13

Proposal Period: October 5–18, 2020

TI:ME Preconference: February 9–10

The 2021 TMEA Virtual Clinic/Convention will feature approximately 170 clinics for current and future music educators. To present a clinic you must complete an online proposal by the October 18th deadline (link to submit is below the following important information on proposing):


There are two types of clinics:

1) Invited: A clinician's attendance is not sponsored by a company.
2) Industry-Sponsored: A clinician's attendance is paid for by a convention exhibitor. Content is still expected to be primarily pedagogical, and sponsorship does not guarantee selection.

Read all sections below for more information on clinician requirements and clinic selection factors. A link to apply follows this information (available as of October 5).

Clinic Delivery

All clinics will be delivered through a virtual convention platform. They will be no longer than 45 minutes, and we recommend they be structured with approximately 30 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes for a live Q&A/Chat.

  • Some clinicians will present live, in real time, while others will prerecord their presentation and it will be shown at the scheduled time. When you apply, you can state your preference.
  • Even for pre-recorded presentations, we expect to provide the opportunity for clinicians to be live, online for a Q&A/chat session that would begin the moment the showing of their pre-recorded presentation ends.

Scheduling Agreement

When you propose a clinic, you will acknowledge that your clinic may be scheduled on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday during the virtual convention (and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday for technology clinics). You will not be asked for a day preference when you propose.

Information Needed for a Complete Proposal

Document the following in a different application and save it before you submit online (in case you have technical issues when submitting):

  • Meaningful title that directly conveys the presentation content.
  • Concise description of the presentation content (for published schedule).
  • Thorough details on what and how you will present and who your intended audience is (for internal evaluation).
  • How much of the session content presentation will be live or pre-recorded?
  • The TMEA ID of your copresenters, if applicable. For nonmembers, their name, school/company, email, and phone.
  • All copresenters must be listed on the application when submitted.
  • Short biographical statement for each clinician (the spoken introduction, so keep it brief).
  • Sponsoring industry name and contact information (if applicable).

Membership/Registration Requirements

If selected, clinicians, demonstration group directors, and music showcase group directors and musicians must comply with these requirements:

  • Texas music educators/musicians must be current members of TMEA and pay convention registration fees.
  • Out-of-state educators/musicians must pay convention registration fees, but are not required to become TMEA members.

Membership and Registration Information here.

Clinic Selection Factors

The TMEA Executive Board considers these important factors when evaluating proposals:

Pedagogical Merit


Program Compatibility (Even proposals with merit are sometimes not selected because of the need to create a balanced program.)

Demand: Attendees identified the following as the Top 10 topics they want to learn about during this virtual convention in 2021:

  1. Rehearsal techniques
  2. Technology for lesson delivery
  3. Recruiting and retention
  4. Repertoire selection
  5. Instrument methods
  6. Teaching methods (elementary-college)
  7. Social emotional learning
  8. Technology for program administration
  9. Health and wellness
  10. Urban and rural challenges and solutions


  • Proposals focused on marching band will not be accepted. Please consider submitting your marching band clinics for the Texas Bandmasters convention.
  • While products may be mentioned, clinics must be educational, not commercial.

Clinic Proposal Status

Please understand that several factors in planning this virtual event could affect the following dates. We will work to be as close to this schedule as possible:

Proposal status is emailed to submitter and primary clinician by November 2.

Clinicians must verify acceptance by responding to the invitation email by November 6.

For accepted clinics, schedule information should be available by November 23. A link to this information will be provided via the email you submit in the proposal.

Equipment/Internet Readiness

Clinicians must be equipped to deliver their presentation with good audio and video quality (e.g., a good external mic, good camera, fast, wired Internet connection). Clinics will be delivered through a virtual convention platform and clinicians will receive guidance and support for its use.

Recording Permission

All clinics will be recorded and be available to convention registrants through the convention platform following the event. You must agree to allow TMEA to record the session for this purpose to submit a proposal.

Proposal submission for the 2021 TMEA Clinic/Convention begins October 5, 2020.

The deadline for submitting proposals for the 2021 TMEA Virtual Clinic/Convention was October 18, 2020. Please check back April 2021 to submit your clinic proposal for the 2022 TMEA Clinic/Convention.

Need Help?

If you have comments/questions/issues with the technical portion of the submission process, please email Frank Coachman.