Your Membership Matters

Renewing your TMEA membership reinforces our mission to advance and protect music education across Texas. Your continued support enables us to influence state policies, offer professional development, and fund scholarships and educational initiatives. Together, we ensure that every Texas student can experience the transformative power of music in their education. Thank you for your continued membership with TMEA!

Update Your Member Information

Keeping your information up-to-date is essential and can be managed at any time—even before renewing your membership. By maintaining current membership and contact details, you ensure that you receive all the benefits TMEA offers throughout the year. Since TMEA regularly communicates news and program opportunities via email, an updated email address is vital.

New email? If you can log in to your TMEA account, update your email address on your profile. If you cannot log in and no longer have access to the email to receive a reset link, contact the Membership Department.

New school? Go to “My Organizations” in your member profile. Click the green + button to add a different school, and your current school name will be replaced.

Renew Your Membership

Ensure continued access to exclusive resources and professional development opportunities and actively support the future of music education by renewing your membership. Our membership year is July 1–June 30. Renewals open on May 1 for the next membership year.

Individual Membership Dues

Interested in joining as an organization?

Learn more about Sustaining and Institutional Memberships.

How to Renew Your Membership

Step 1: Log In and Pay Dues

Log in to renew your membership and pay dues easily online using your debit, credit, or purchasing card. You may also include addons such as Liability Insurance, Scholarship Donations, and Convention Registration.

Step 2: Update Information

Please review and update your contact information and preferences to ensure you receive important emails, program updates, and the latest issues of Southwestern Musician from TMEA.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Benefits

Access TMEA programs, connect through our Member Directory, gain insights at Region Meetings, attend our annual Clinic/Convention, and browse the latest issues of Southwestern Musician.

Need to pay with a check?

Fill out a TMEA Membership & Convention Registration form and mail it to us with your check.

Member Benefits

Participate in Programs & Auditions

Unlock exclusive opportunities to enrich your career and elevate your students' experiences. Members can present at our annual convention, enter students in auditions, sponsor Texas Future Music Educators chapters, and nominate students for awards.

Liability Insurance

Secure comprehensive liability insurance to protect your professional activities. This policy shields you from potential financial losses due to lawsuits related to your role as an educator. In today's educational landscape, insuring your career is as crucial as insuring your car, home, or health.

Southwestern Musician

Southwestern Musician is your gateway to the latest news and resources in music education. Our magazine, published eight times yearly, features insightful articles on pedagogy, advocacy, technology, education law, and timely updates on TMEA opportunities from the Executive Board.

CPE Credit

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits are crucial for educators to maintain certification and stay current with teaching methodologies and educational technologies. Earning these credits showcases a commitment to professional growth, enhancing teaching quality, and benefiting students.

Member Directory

Explore our member directory, a tool designed to help you network and collaborate with fellow music educators. Customize the information you share and use the directory to discover, connect, and engage with peers across the state. Enhance your professional journey by connecting with our community.

Mentoring Network

Designed to connect new music educators and those new to Texas with seasoned professionals, this program offers a personalized mentoring experience for at least one year. Benefit from one-on-one advice, constructive feedback, and dedicated support to help you thrive in your new role.

Additional Member Benefits

As a TMEA Member, you also have access to Health Plans, Long Term Care Plans, Life Insurance, Dental Plans
offered by the America Group.


Membership Policies

Who Can Join

Anyone who teaches music or simply wants to support the work of our association may become a TMEA member!  Our membership consists primarily of music educators (active and retired), college music students, and music industry partners. 

The TMEA membership year is July 1–June 30. Renewals open on May 1 for the next membership year.

Have you been a member in the last four years? 

Please renew your membership instead of joining as a new member.

Interested in joining as an organization?

Learn more about Sustaining and Institutional Memberships.

Don’t live in Texas?

We welcome you to support our organization by becoming an active member! However, to attend the TMEA Clinic/Convention, out-of-state attendees are only required to pay registration fees.

TMEA membership is not available for a person who has entered a plea of no contest or has been convicted of any illegal activity involving a student or other minor, including but not limited to sexual or physical abuse of a student or other minor.

Membership Types

For Individuals

  • Active: Open to those who teach music in any school setting, teach private lessons, are a music minister, or are a parent sponsoring a homeschooled child in TMEA auditions. If pursuing a degree while working in one of these capacities, you should still maintain Active Membership.
  • Retired: Open to those who have retired from employment related to music education activities. If you continue to teach more than 20 hours privately, you should maintain an Active membership. Only Active members may sponsor students in auditions and receive CPE credit.
  • College Student: Open to those who are full-time college students (even if you are student teaching). You should maintain an Active membership if you are employed to teach music 20 or more hours per week, including private lessons, even if you are concurrently taking upper-level college courses. Only Active members may sponsor students in auditions and receive CPE credit.

For Organizations

  • Sustaining: Open to organizations, including booster clubs and business or other entities, as well as out-of-state colleges and universities. Sustaining Membership is $75 annually and includes a one-year subscription to Southwestern Musician.
  • Institutional: Open to Texas colleges and universities that wish to support TMEA activities by payment of the prescribed dues. Institutional Membership dues are $55 annually and include a one-year subscription to Southwestern Musician.

Sustaining or Institutional Membership is required for all exhibitors at the annual Clinic/Convention. If you aren’t exhibiting but wish to create an Institutional Membership, contact Zachary Gersch.

Convention Registration Fees

Convention registration is open to all member types and out-of-state attendees. Texas music educators must be current members of TMEA to register for the annual convention. Learn more about this event.

Registration Fees

  • Active Member: $70 ($95 after Jan 16)
  • Retired Member: $20
  • College Student Member: $0 (free with membership, registration still required)
  • Out-of-State: $145 ($170 after Jan 16)

Register Early by January 16 to Receive the Lower Fee

Standard Registration after January 16 and Pay the Higher Fee

After January 16, you must register online or onsite at the convention. Credit/debit, cash, and checks are all accepted onsite. Purchase orders will not be accepted onsite.

Refund Policies

Membership Dues

Membership dues are non-refundable. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Membership Department.

Convention Fees

Refunds must be requested via email to by April 30 (we cannot honor verbal requests). Please indicate whether the refund should go to the member or school district. Refunds will be reduced by a 10% refund fee. After April 30, no refunds will be processed.

Ten-Year Membership Report

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Active 11,979 12,739 13,137 13,404 13,421 13,839 11,980 13,719 13,869 14,143
Retired 748 875 904 954 1,007 1,086 796 958 1,086 1,254
Institutional 66 65 59 98 58 57 30 59 60 60
College Students 3,835 4,232 4,328 4,423 4,636 4,510 1,308 3,968 4,203 4,408
Sustaining 571 582 717 535 615 629 229 512 576 627
Total 17,199 18,493 19,145 19,145 19,737 20,121 14,343 19,216 19,794 20,492

Need Help?

For questions about membership, email Membership Manager Susan Daugherty.