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Maximize your reach and sales by selecting members who match your ideal customer profile. TMEA sells files of teacher members, schools, and student members in Excel format. Lists of individuals include only those who have opted-in to receiving solicitations. Price will be calculated at $0.10 per record.

All orders will be invoiced. You can pay the invoice via check or online by credit card once received.

Contact Zachary Gersch, TMEA Exhibits Manager, for assistance and further information. Phone: (512) 452-0710 x104

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All orders will be invoiced. You can pay the invoice via check or online by credit card once received.

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Special Instructions

Special Instructions


  1. Must be a TMEA member to order/use a member database.
  2. Member data obtained from TMEA cannot be shared outside of the purchasing company and cannot be resold by the purchaser.
  3. Records contain members who have chosen to opt in to third-party communications.
  4. TMEA makes no warranties regarding the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information contained in the database.
  5. TMEA will be indemnified for the improper use of its lists by purchaser and/or its agents.
  6. The lists shall be used only for the promotion of programs, services, and products of direct interest to TMEA members.
  7. The Texas Music Educators Association name, logo or acronym shall NOT BE USED in a manner that implies sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by the Texas Music Educators Association of any product, service, or company in promotions using purchased database(s). Exception is made for active TMEA Licensed Vendors, according to the terms of the TMEA Vendor Licensing Agreement.
  8. Lists may be utilized for one calendar year.
  9. TMEA does not accept returns or make exchanges.
  10. The following items MUST be included on every solicitation email sent:
    1. Clear and conspicuous identification that the message is an advertisement or solicitation.
    2. Clear and conspicuous notice of the opportunity to decline to receive further commercial email messages from the sender.
    3. A valid physical postal address of the sender.
  11. When emailing to a group of addresses, never place them in the email To: field. Use only the BCC: field.
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