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85th Legislative Session Priorities

Learn more about the priorities that direct our communications with legislators during this session. 

TMEA Clinic/Convention Awarded Certified Exhibition Designation

The International Association for Exhibitions and Events recently designated the annual TMEA Clinic/Convention as a Certified Exhibition, indicating that our convention complies with their standards for best practices.

2017 TMEA Convention Keynotes

Watch the 2017 General Session keynote addresses by Bob Morrison and Eric Booth, as well as the combined All-State group performance. 

Region-Area Alignment for 2016-2018

Region and Area alignments have been set for 2016-2018.
2016-2018 Area Apportionment: Winds & PercussionVocal
Alignment and Apportionment Facts

Southwestern Musician Online

May 2017 issue of Southwestern Musician is now available.

Music Is Essential

TMEA recently released this "Music Is Essential" video to spread the word about the importance of elementary music instruction. Share it!

Music Education in the Law

This January 2016 article (PDF) will help you stay updated on what the law says about music education. Use the final page quick reference to communicate this with your colleagues and administrators.

HB 5 and Music Students

Learn more about how this legislation (passed in May 2013) affects music students through graduation plans, pull-out restrictions, and more.

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