COVID-19 Updates

All TMEA-sponsored events through January 10, 2021, will be held virtually. For the latest updates, go to the COVID-19 Updates page. The information on the COVID-19 webpage supersedes any standard program information presented on this website.




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With the support of music industry leaders, TMEA continues to offer the highest level of service and benefits to its members at the lowest possible cost. To support the success of our music industry partners, TMEA offers consistent and effective access to our members through advertising, direct marketing, and exhibiting. TMEA members purchase products and services for their music programs throughout the year and look to TMEA publications and the convention as a means for evaluating available offerings in their decision-making. Texas music students and their families also look to TMEA for information on programs, products, and services to help them in their progress toward a career in music.

Through TMEA, you have a single point of access to the largest number of music educators and music students in the country.