Texas Institution Exhibitor Policies

Texas institutions that participate in the College exhibits must comply with the following policies:


  1. All instructional staff, whether full- or part-time, must become active members of TMEA ($50 dues) and register for the convention ($60 early registration). Renew existing membership or join as a new member here: Membership
  2. Each Texas institution MUST become an Institutional Member of TMEA ($55 dues). This membership will automatically be added to the booth application (available in September).
  3. All Texas institutions who participate in the College exhibits are required to become a member of the Texas Association of Music Schools (TAMS): https://www.txams.org/


  1. All Texas institutions who participate in the College exhibits shall be entitled to up to three (3) complimentary badges. Badge request form available in January.
    1. Complimentary badges are to be utilized by non-instructional staff only, i.e. recruiter/admissions rep, registrar, etc.
    2. Complimentary badges will include name AND position/title.
  2. Instructional Staff: See #1 under “Membership” above.
  3. Booth personnel will receive Exhibitor ribbons after ACTIVE badge pick-up for early entrance to the hall. Ribbons will be available at the College Exhibitor booth.
  4. No more than six persons shall represent an exhibiting institution in the booth at the same time. This includes instructional as well as non-instructional staff.


Need Help?

If you have questions about College events, contact Zachary Gersch or call 512-452-0710, ext 104.