Sponsorship Opportunities

Review these sponsorship opportunities and apply to become a TMEA Convention Sponsor! You must complete a booth contract before you can submit a sponsor application.
  • Only companies with a completed convention booth application may apply for a TMEA Convention Sponsorship.
  • Previous sponsors have first right of renewal.
  • Sponsorships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis based on their application submit date/time.
Standard Benefits

In addition to these benefits, see each sponsorship for its specific recognition.

  • Inclusion on a thank-you page in the convention preview magazine
  • Inclusion on a thank-you page in the convention program
  • Sponsor booths are highlighted on the interactive floor plan

If an acceptable logo is not received by November 7, the company name will be displayed in text only on these acknowledgements. Logo Submission Requirements.

Booth Assignment Priority Points

For every $250 spent on a sponsorship, the company earns 1 booth assignment priority point. Sponsor contract and payment must be received by October 1 for the upcoming convention’s booth points. (If contract is received after this date, points will be awarded for the subsequent convention’s booth points.)

Need Help?

For questions regarding sponsorships contact the TMEA Exhibits & Advertising Manager.