College Exhibits Booth Features

Review the following features available to College Exhibitors. Every exhibiting institution must have an Active TMEA Sustaining Membership ($55 for Texas institutions and $75 for out-of-state institutions).

College Exhibit Booth: $250
  • One virtual booth space that you will set up (set up is not a technical endeavor—just entering text, uploading files, etc.). Your space can include the following:
    • Institution logo
    • Institution description
    • Booth staff names and profile pictures (with options to request one-on-one meetings).
    • Introduction/promotion video embedded in the space
    • Files for download (brochures, coupons, special marketing materials), and more.
    • Customizable polls where you can ask attendees questions, increasing their engagement.
    • Contact information, social media links
    • Ability to schedule one-on-one video meetings with attendees.
  • Visibility in the platform during the convention and for at least three months following
  • Access to the Exhibitor Dashboard:
    • See who is visiting your booth (and how many times!).
    • Send a message directly to those attendees or request a video meeting with them to make a connection.
  • Access to Lead Retrieval data, during and after the event. In this virtual environment, lead retrieval can be more robust than with an in-person event.
  • Booth staff credentials. Learn more. . .

Need Help?

If you have questions about College events, contact Zachary Gersch or call 512-452-0710, ext 104.