Convention App


Download the NEW standalone TMEA convention app to a device you’ll use during the convention (some areas, like maps, will continue to be under construction).
Then follow the very important steps below after downloading!

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
  1. Open the TMEA app
    • Notifications? Allow (if you want our alerts to pop-up, such as for a canceled session).
    • Bluetooth? Don’t Allow. We aren’t using any features that utilize Bluetooth.
  2. Choose 2023 TMEA Clinic/Convention from the list and Download that event. (Hang tight! Downloading the event takes several seconds, with no progress indicator—when it finishes, you’ll see the homepage as shown below the next steps.)
  3. In iOS, it’s best to have your device display in Light Mode (a few features don’t display as well when in Dark Mode).

Important First Steps!

  1. Set Up Multi Device Sync (not required, but advised—especially if you will open the app on multiple devices)
    • In the app, go to Settings (tap the gear icon at the top-right)
    • Choose Multi Device Sync and then First Device.
    • Enter your email and a new password you will remember for this app account (it is not connected to any other system).
      REMEMBER THIS PASSWORD and save it somewhere you can access! There is no password reset option within the app in iOS.
    • After you finish on this device, you can download the app to another device and choose Additional Device. Enter the email/password you used on the first device to begin the sync of your saved items.
  2. Create Your Profile/Publish to the Attendee List
    • From the app Settings, go to My Profile.
    • Check the box to publish your profile if you want to be on the Attendee list.
    • Enter your information and Save at the bottom of the page.

What the home page looks like:

What’s in the app:

  • Full Event Schedule (tap a star on an event to add to your MySchedule
  • Schedule Filtering: In Full Schedule, tap the filter pop-up at the bottom of the list. Choose the Division (Track) and Type of event you want to see (e.g., Elementary Clinics only). Go back there to edit or Clear All filters.
  • Exhibitor list (star to bookmark them for visiting later)
  • Clinician list (see what each is presenting)
  • Attendee list
  • All-State Student Rehearsal Schedule (Filter this schedule by ensemble type)
  • Maps (in progress)
  • FAQs

What’s coming soon:

  • Interactive Exhibit hall map (likely by Feb 1).
  • A few fixes to how some events are pinned to their maps and other usability fixes.
  • Handouts (by February 5 on those clinics where the clinician provided them by the deadline). Download those you want to your app in advance, since Internet connection at the center is not great.

What’s Weird in the App?

Here are thing’s we’ve found don’t work the best, along with some workarounds, since they may not be resolved by the time our event happens.

  • Password Reset:
    You can’t reset your account password on an iOS device. If you still have access to a laptop or desktop computer, go to to set a new password (you’ll also need to be able to access your email from a non-iOS device). You cannot complete any part of the password reset process on an iOS device. Note that you don’t have to be logged into an account to use the app, but if you created a My Schedule or marked other records as favorites, you won’t see that on any other device you use if you can’t log in.
  • Adding/Removing Schedule Filtering:
    When you are at the top/beginning of the schedule for a day, you can filter on Division (Track) and Event Type (look for the filter bar at the bottom of the screen). Once you filter, it’s not always super-obvious. If you don’t see events you expect, scroll to the top of the day so the filter bar appears, then tap the filter bar and adjust or clear all filters.
  • Custom Schedule Events on iOS in Dark Mode:
    If you add a custom event to your schedule [+], changing the date/time is not very visible. Change your device display (in your Device settings) to Light Mode if you’ll be adding custom events.
  • Device Display:
    If you set your phone’s text display to very large, home page buttons might consolidate. The text of each button is still there, so you can tap on the text to open that area of the app. It’s just going to look weird.

If you haven’t registered to attend yet, go now to