Frequently Asked Questions

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We know there will be many questions as we transition to a virtual event. If you have a concern that is not addressed on this page, please submit a question. Be sure to check back to this page for updates.


When will the convention be held?
The virtual convention will be held February February 11-13. However, convention registrants will continue to have access to clinic recordings after February 13. 

What’s changed?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 TMEA Clinic/Convention will be not be held in person. Instead, it will be a virtual event.

What hasn’t changed?
We will continue to feature the best music education clinics, inspiring performances, and fantastic rates on products and services from our partners in the music industry.

Why did you make the decision so early?
It would be wonderful if we could wait until much closer to the event to decide, hoping that time would offer greater clarity. However, given the complexities of our event (attended by 30,000+), the contracts involved, and the domino effect our decision will have on thousands of volunteers, presenters, and performers, delaying the decision further was simply impossible.

What if a treatment or vaccine becomes available?
Unfortunately the decision to go virtual can’t be reversed even if a viable treatment or vaccine becomes available. Among other reasons, we must release contracted space in hotels and the convention center.

What were the main reasons for going virtual?
In addition to our top priority of health and safety, the following were some of the triggers for that decision:

  • With their safety protocols in place as dictated by the governor’s office and local city and county government, the convention center could not promise an occupancy allowance of more than 38% capacity.
  • Meeting room occupancy would be limited according to CDC social distancing recommendations, and rooms would have to be cleared for sanitation between clinics, thus reducing the number of sessions and attendance allowed.
  • At the center’s now entrance-only doors, every attendee’s temperature would be taken by a scanner. Each day you arrived with an acceptable temperature for entry, you would receive a sticker for that day permitting you to be in the center. The number of attendees who could enter in a certain time frame each morning would be severely limited.
  • With the reduction in attendees, and the likelihood that many exhibitors would not travel across the nation or world to exhibit, a significant financial loss would be probable.
  • Meeting social distancing requirements for All-State rehearsals would be impossible in any available meeting space. The greatest challenge would be 225 All-State choir students singing in a meeting room 8–10 hours a day.
  • Housing 1,800 All-State students plus chaperons in hotel rooms (where we combine students from different communities and school districts) would be unworkable and potentially unsafe.
  • Managing the crowds in Lila Cockrell Theatre, which typically turn over every 1.5 hours, would be impossible as would be maintaining social distancing and having time for required sterilization. The number of performances and attendees at each would be significantly limited.
  • This decision must be based on today’s facts and requirements, not on future projections. Today’s facts support a decision not to bring tens of thousands of students, teachers, exhibitors, and convention staff to one location for an event.
  • Preparation time for an in-person or virtual convention is significant. Waiting any longer to decide would not have allowed for adequate planning and work to support the best possible event.


What about All-State performances?
September 24, 2020: The TMEA Executive Board declared its commitment to ensuring the path to All-State would remain a meaningful journey for all involved. In addition to developing a means for recorded auditions throughout our 33 Regions, the Executive Board is actively investigating an opportunity to host in-person rehearsals and performances of our 18 All-State ensembles in early June. We will communicate more details once they are finalized. Understand that our plans could be affected at any time, given our top priority remains the health and safety of all involved.

Performing Groups

Will performing groups give concerts?
TMEA has invited performing groups that represent all divisions and they will submit recorded performances that will be presented during the virtual convention. Go to the convention page to find a list of Performing Groups.