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As of noon, Monday, February 8, TMEA staff will be on-site in San Antonio preparing for the convention and will be unavailable to assist with username and password issues or any issues with online processing. 
On-site registration will be available beginning at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Registration Hours & Location.

Use a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The member website is not designed for use on a smartphone.

Fee Documentation for On-site Registration

Mail/Fax deadline has passed: December 31, 2015

If you are unable to join or preregister online, you can print this form showing on-site fees to turn into your business office (requires Adobe Reader). Since the deadline has passed, all checks will need to be hand-carried to on-site registration at the higher, $80 amount. Online registration remains open through January 21.  

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Membership Dues

Active: $50
Retired: $20
College Students: $25

Convention Registration Fees (After Jan 21)

NOTE! Only online processing with a credit card is possible at this time. If you cannot pay online with a credit card, you must register and pay these fees on-site.

Active members:$80
Retired members: $20
College student members: $0 (included with $25 college membership)
Out-of-state registrants: $130

TI:ME Music Technology Preconference: (Wednesday-only technology clinics): Registration closed 1/31. You must register on-site, Feb. 10, starting at 8 a.m., outside of rooms 209-213 (separate from TMEA registration). 


If you receive an error on this site, please email Susan Daugherty with a detailed description of the error you are receiving. (Before dismissing the error message, if possible, press the "Print Screen (PrtScn)" keyboard button. Then open a MSWord file and choose Paste to paste the screen image on the page. Save that page and email it.) 



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