To get your student's IDs and Security Codes.

 To get your room acknowledgements.

Read the instructions below to familiarize yourself with the online housing process which will open on January 13. Housing requests must be completed by 4PM on Tuesday, January 14.

District Assignments

Some school districts will assign all student and chaperon housing for their district, so check with your fine arts administrator to see if they've requested this access before you assign your students.

Update Your Contact Information

If your contact information is not current, click here and update it immediately to ensure you are notified properly of all updates related to the All-State process.

Information You Will Need

Have the following information ready before assigning students on the All-State housing pages. Download the TMEA quick guide (or ATSSB quick guide) that will be available at the Area contests to help collect this information.

  • Hotel Choices (for ATSSB, only Hyatt Regency is available)
  • Credit Card billing information to secure the rooms
    NOTE: Hotels may charge a deposit of one night per room when they acquire the reservations at the end of January. Make sure the card you use can accommodate this. The charge can be refunded by the hotel upon payment at check in.
  • Names of students of other directors you will be entering
  • TMEA Member IDs of the chaperons for students you will be entering

If another director is assigning your students to their rooms, you still need to log in to request your own chaperon room. The only exception is for district-wide assignments; your administrator will assign all rooms.


Print these instructions or open them in a new window so you can refer back to them during the housing process.

  1. Log in to the All-State housing pages
    The director who entered students in the online entry process will have their login authorized to assign students. Use your TMEA Username and password to log in. If you receive a message indicating you are not authorized and you know you have an All-State student please contact Andrew Denman at
  2. Enter hotel choices and billing information
    The rooms you create will use the hotel preferences you choose on the page. If another director is entering your students and you are signing up for your chaperon room, be sure to select the same hotel choices as they do. Hotel rates are listed at the bottom of this page. ATSSB directors will have only the Hyatt Regency as a selection. Click "Save Information" once you have entered all of the information.
  3. View your Student List
    Click "My Student List" to view a list of your students and their assigned status. If any of your All-State students do not appear on this page or their gender is incorrect, contact Andrew Denman at
  4. Create Student Rooms
    Click "My Room List". There will be a "Create a Room" section where you can create a Male or Female room.
    • Select your check-in day and how long you will need this room. All occupants in the room must be staying the same number of nights.
    • Select the students to add to the room. If you are adding other director's students, you can view students up to your area using the drop down menu and clicking "Go". Please get permission from the other director before assigning their students.
    • Enter the TMEA Member ID of the chaperons for the students you selected. This will be used to ensure chaperons and students are assigned to the same hotel.
    • Click "Create Room".
    • If you did not fill the room with 4 students you will be asked if you want us to combine the incomplete room. Read and follow the instructions carefully to indicate your choice.
  5. Create Chaperon Rooms: One is NOT automatically created for you!
    From the "My Room List" page, select "Chaperon" in the "Create a Room" section and click "Go".
    • Select your check-in day and how long you will need this room. All occupants in the room must be staying the same number of nights.
    • Enter the TMEA Member IDs of the occupants (or a name if they are not a TMEA member). At least one person must be a TMEA member.
    • Click "Create Room".
    • Note: If another director is assigning your students to their rooms, you still need to log in to request your own chaperon room.
  6. Editing Rooms
    If you need to edit room options or add and remove occupants from a room, click the "Edit" button next to the room. To remove all occupants from a room, click the "Remove" button next to the room.
  7. Finish
    Once you have created all of your student and chaperon rooms you are finished. View the "My Student List" page to make sure all of your students were assigned. View the "My Room List" page to see the rooms you created, as well as rooms other directors have created with your students in them. You can print the "My Room List" page for a record of your All-State housing requests.
  8. Confirmation Notices
    TMEA will send notices once all reservations have been made (Usually January 17, January 20 at the latest). You will be able to view the reservation and total per-person estimated cost for each room through the TMEA All-State housing process. NOTE: even though we get confirmations, local hotels will not receive the reservations until late January.
  9. Canceling Previous Reservations
    If you made a previous reservation through the TMEA Housing Bureau, you must cancel it on or before January 22. Cancellations after January 22 will be subject to a $50 late cancellation fee. Click here for the TMEA housing page.

Student Forms

Once hotel confirmations are sent, All-State Student IDs and Security Codes will be listed on the Student List page. Provide these to your students so they can access the All-State forms at You can make sure they have accessed the site by looking at the 'Forms Accessed' column, which will list the last time they logged in.

All-State Hotel Rates

Rates are provided for informational purposes. All-State room confirmations will include a full accounting of cost for each reservation. Rates are per-night, per-room, and depend on the number of people in the room.

Fees and taxes are NOT included. There is a 1.25% taxable fee from the city of San Antonio and 16.75% in hotel taxes (10.75% local and 6% state). State hotel tax can be exempted if your school is paying and you present a hotel tax exemption certificate.

Hotel4 People3 People2 People1 Person
Hilton Palacio Del Rio $181/night $181/night $179/night $169/night
Hyatt Regency
$170/night $170/night $170/night $170/night
Marriott Rivercenter $182/night $182/night $179/night $172/night
Marriott Riverwalk $182/night $182/night $179/night $172/night
Westin Riverwalk $168/night $168/night $168/night $168/night