COVID-19 Updates

All in-person TMEA meetings and events are suspended for the remainder of the school year. For the latest updates, go to the COVID-19 Updates page. The information on the COVID-19 webpage supersedes any standard program information presented on this website.

Updated 6/2019

Eligibility Requirements for TMEA Activities

Homeschool rule:  A student representing a homeschool must enter the audition process in the same region as the public school district in which the homeschool is located. Homeschool classification is considered to be the same as the public high school in which boundary the student resides. A homeschool student may not participate after the end of the fourth year following the first audition entry once they declare high school status.

Sponsor:  Each student’s TMEA Active member director or member sponsor must be in attendance at all TMEA auditions and any other TMEA activities in which the student is involved. Each Region shall define written guidelines determining the use of proxies.

Who may be the member/sponsor?

  • A parent of a homeschooler who is an Active TMEA Member
  • A private lesson teacher who is an Active TMEA Member
  • A director of a homeschool or community music group who is an Active TMEA Member

What are the responsibilities of the TMEA Active Member/Sponsor?

  • Attend Region Meetings
  • Enter the student into the contest via the TMEA website
  • Be familiar with TMEA Region and State contest rules and dates
  • Be present and prepared to serve at all auditions when the homeschool student is involved.  Some Regions will require the homeschool member/sponsor to provide a competent judge if the member/sponsor is not qualified to serve on a judging panel
  • Be present as a chaperon for Region Concert/Clinic (and beyond if the HS student advances)
  • Be present as chaperon in San Antonio if HS student is selected for All-State

 Information about TMEA Region Alignment

  • TMEA is divided into 33 Regions and 15 Small School Choir regions.
  • To determine your Region, first determine the school district in which the homeschool student resides. Complete a school district search on the TMEA website to find the Region (e.g., the homeschooler would attend Westwood HS in Austin but it is within the Round Rock ISD boundaries. Searching for Round Rock ISD will show it is in Region 26).
  • Search for the Region...

When are the TMEA Region Meetings?

  • There are two Region Meetings per year, one typically before school starts in the fall and another in the spring.
  • Region meeting schedule

Membership Instructions

  • Join TMEA
  • The TMEA Membership year is from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.
  • You must be an Active member to access high school Area/All-State band and orchestra audition excerpts posted on the TMEA website as well as enter students into contests

Contest entries

  • Entry Instructions
  • The Name of the campus should be HOMESCHOOL
  • The Homeschool Campus will be responsible for all campus and individual student fees associated with the contest

Audition Material

  • Each Region is semi-autonomous and may select different audition material
  • Attend your Region Meetings for information regarding audition material
  • You must be an Active member to access high school Area/All-State band and orchestra audition excerpts posted on the TMEA website


 If you have additional questions, please contact your Region Chair