COVID-19 Updates

All TMEA-sponsored events through January 10, 2021, will be held virtually. For the latest updates, go to the COVID-19 Updates page. The information on the COVID-19 webpage supersedes any standard program information presented on this website.

Texas Music Educators Association will recognize upper-level school administrators (e.g., superintendents, deputy superintendents, principals) across the state who have been instrumental in preserving quality music education programs on their campuses and in their districts. Given the state of education funding and the continuous struggle at all levels to keep quality fine arts education in schools, it is crucial that we take every opportunity to highlight the many successes present in numerous schools across our state. From districts with only a single elementary, middle, and high school to those with multiple 5A campuses, administrators have great influence over a program's opportunity for success.

Through this recognition program, TMEA has the opportunity at the state level to thank these individuals for their dedication and support. At the local level, this offers you another opportunity to share your success story with the community.

Nominate your campus or district upper-level school administrator by completing an online nomination. The first round of nominations will be reviewed starting November 1. Nominations will continue to be received and reviewed regularly following this date.

Begin a new nomination (not for fine arts or music administrators) 
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