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Texas college faculty can recognize their elite music education graduates through this TMEA program. Award recipients should represent the finest and most dedicated future music educators across the state. Designation as a Collegiate Music Educator Award recipient should be an indication of potential quality for those looking to hire outstanding new teachers. Applications will be reviewed for completeness by the TMEA staff.


Award recipients must meet all of the required criteria to receive recognition:

  • Current TMEA member.
  • Graduating in the semester nominated (summer graduates are nominated the spring before their graduation).
  • Undergraduate music education major/concentration (pursuing certification in EC–12 music).
  • 3.5 or better overall grade point average (GPA) at the close of the previous semester.
  • Student has provided non-mandatory music instruction or has been significantly involved in the local music education community.

One active TMEA member who is a member of the institution’s music education faculty may nominate that institution’s students online. By nominating a student, the faculty member confirms the student meets the above qualifications. A student may be nominated only once, during their graduation semester.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall graduation: November 1 (Opens in September)
  • Spring/Summer graduation: March 15 (Opens in January)


Award recipients receive the following. All recognition materials will be sent in a single mailing to the designated TMEA member at the institution who will distribute them to each student.

  • a congratulatory letter
  • printed certificate (the student's name on their TMEA member record will be printed)
  • regalia cords, and
  • inclusion in a listing on the TMEA website.


If you have any questions about this new program, email the TMEA College Vice-President, at

Award Recipients


Fall 2019

Aaron Amaya, Texas Tech Univ
Katrina Arabie, Univ of North Texas
Eduardo Arredondo, Sam Houston State Univ
Ethan Berkebile, Univ of North Texas
Andrea Briones, Baylor Univ
Victoria Brown, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Jessica Calvit, Texas Tech Univ
Marilyn Chatary, Stephen F. Austin State Univ
Elliott Clayton, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Derik Daubenspeck, Tarleton State Univ
Madeline DeHart, Texas Woman's Univ
Adam Evans, Texas Tech Univ
Guillermo Gonzalez, Baylor Univ
Campbell Green, Texas Woman's Univ
Reilly Hensley, Univ of North Texas
Tristan Keller, Texas Tech Univ
Madeline Kerkemeyer, Texas Tech Univ
Hannah Killough, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Alexander Kolb, Texas Tech Univ
Amanda Losoya-Corbitt, Sam Houston State Univ
Sarah Marts, Univ of North Texas
Kameryn Mattingly, Texas Tech Univ
Kasey McMurray, Baylor Univ
Karisma Mendoza, Texas Tech Univ
Camille Mojica, UT/San Antonio
Emily Monk, Baylor Univ
Alan Olmos, Univ of North Texas
Valerie Quezada, Univ of North Texas
Gillian Quiggle, Texas Tech Univ
Austin Rabon, Baylor Univ
Lyndsey Rawls, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Kristina Reed, Texas Woman's Univ
Emily Schuck, Sam Houston State Univ
Hayley Scoggins, Univ of North Texas
James Segura, UT/San Antonio
Jacob Sherfy, Sam Houston State Univ
Lucas Silva, Sam Houston State Univ
Morgan Smith, Texas Tech Univ
Kathryn Thompson, Texas Tech Univ
Joseph Trevino, Texas State Univ
Lauren Van Ryswyk, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Abigail Young, Univ of North Texas

Spring 2019

Matthew Aguirre, Texas Tech Univ
Mi An, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Emily Anderson, Sam Houston State Univ
Isabelle Bouhadana,Univ of North Texas
Ronald Brown, Stephen F. Austin State Univ
Megan Burt, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Fidel Carreon, Sam Houston State Univ
Alissandra Celia, Sam Houston State Univ
Madeline Clothier, Texas Woman's Univ
Wesley Colquitt, Texas Tech Univ
Adam Cope, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Gid De La Rosa-Avalos, UT/San Antonio
Jordan Doss, Univ of North Texas
Garrett Dunaway, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Caitlyn Durkee, Texas State Univ
Emily Edwards, Texas State Univ
Julia Evers, Baylor Univ
Derek Fletcher, Univ of North Texas
Caleb Fritz, Texas Christian Univ
Lyndsey Gerhart, Univ of North Texas
Azalea Gonzalez, Texas Woman's Univ
Amanda Griffin, Dallas Baptist Univ
Peyton Grover, Texas State Univ
Cassidee Hale, Dallas Baptist Univ
LeeAnn Hamilton, Tarleton State Univ
Sydney Hathcock, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Caroline Jaimes, Univ of North Texas
Samantha Kats, Univ of North Texas
Kaitlin Knight, Sam Houston State Univ
Shane Lemanski, Texas State Univ
Casey LeVie, Baylor Univ
Sara Marnik, Texas Tech Univ
Kelsey Mattice, Texas A&M Univ/Commerce
Rachel McCormick, Baylor Univ
Dexx Moore, Texas State Univ
Mackenzie Moore, Tarleton State Univ
Grace Nelson, Baylor Univ
Bridgette Pineau, Univ of North Texas
Danielle Poblete, UT/San Antonio
Maria Rechtorovic, Baylor Univ
Ashley Reyes, Baylor Univ
Shelby Roberts, Dallas Baptist Univ
Merit Rogge, Angelo State Univ
Cassandra Saucedo, Texas Tech Univ
Kaitlyn Schach, Sam Houston State Univ
Elyssa Smith, Univ of North Texas
Anna Trevino, Texas State Univ
Aaron Venegas, Texas Tech Univ

Fall 2018

Sophie Baker, Texas Tech Univ
Alexia Barrera, UT/San Antonio
Hannah Becker, Baylor Univ
Blake Butler, Univ of North Texas
Luke Camarillo, Baylor Univ
Nina Cavasso, Texas Tech Univ
Katie Clemmer, Texas Tech Univ
Devon Curtis, Texas Tech Univ
Chase Deases, Texas Tech Univ
Nikit Desai, Texas Tech Univ
Oluwagbohunmi Fawehinmi, Texas Tech Univ
Anissa Garcia, Texas Tech Univ
Marissa Garcia, Texas Tech Univ
Jose Gonzalez, Texas Tech Univ
Samanthah Goosen, Texas Woman's Univ
Colin Grigsby, Texas Tech Univ
Madison Haberl, Texas Tech Univ
Jennifer John, UT/San Antonio
Erin Keith, Baylor Univ
Heather Lambert, Texas Tech Univ
Raphael Jessan Laran, Sam Houston State Univ
Michael Loera, Texas Tech Univ
AJ Magallan, UT/San Antonio
Julie Mason, Sam Houston State Univ
Brock Mellinger, Texas Tech Univ
Callan Monroe, Baylor Univ
Kathy Ngo, Texas Tech Univ
Paige Nolan, Texas Tech Univ
Jennifer Perelstein, UT/San Antonio
Aaron Perez, Texas Tech Univ
Pedro Reyes, Baylor Univ
Jennifer Rios, Texas Tech Univ
Jordan Sanchez, Texas Tech Univ
Lauren Selman, Texas Tech Univ
Salem Shaw, Baylor Univ
Kayla Smith, Texas Woman's Univ
Joshua Thaver, Baylor Univ
Alicia Villanueva, Texas Tech Univ
Sarah Weaver, Baylor Univ
Sunny Yam, UT/San Antonio

Spring 2018

Christina, Arellano, Texas State Univ
Cindy Benbow, UT/Permian Basin
Arali Berumen, Texas State Univ
Parker Bowen, Baylor Univ
Amanda Curry, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Samantha Foster, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Hannah Hasty, Dallas Baptist Univ
Erasmo Herrera, Stephen F. Austin State Univ
Rodney Howell, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Taylor Johnston, Stephen F. Austin State Univ
Ellen Kidwell, UT/San Antonio
Madison King, Baylor Univ
Natalie Kronser, Baylor Univ
Michael Lehmann, Texas State Univ
Mark Mallow, Texas State Univ
Jorge Martinez, Texas Tech Univ
Alexandra Martinez, Texas Woman's Univ
Emmalyn McQueen, Texas Tech Univ
Christopher Monasmith, Baylor Univ
Evan Moynihan, Baylor Univ
Catherine  Patterson, Dallas Baptist Univ
Mikaela Pyle, Baylor Univ
Ross Reinhart, Texas Tech Univ
Gabriel Sanchez, UT/Permian Basin
Connor Towns, Texas State Univ
Joseph Vasinda, Texas Tech Univ
Hilary Webking, Texas Tech Univ
Faith Westerman, Dallas Baptist Univ
Natalie Windle, Texas Woman's Univ
Charlie Winkley, Baylor Univ
Matthew Wood, Texas State Univ

Fall 2017

Jessica Barton, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Tyler Brown, Texas Tech Univ
Katherine Copeland, Texas Tech Univ
Kayla Crowley, Texas Tech Univ
Carrie Cunningham, Texas Tech Univ
Mallory Dodson, Houston Baptist Univ
Breanna Engelhardt, Texas Tech Univ
Carolyn Garcia, Texas Tech Univ
Emily Gazeley, Texas State Univ
Holly Hogan, Texas Tech Univ
Kelsey Hohnstein, Texas Tech Univ
Thomas Kang, Baylor Univ
Clayton Koch, Texas Tech Univ
Lauren Lafferty, Baylor Univ
Mykel Martin, Angelo State University
Nathan McCarty, Texas Tech Univ
Mollie McInnis, Baylor Univ
Greggory Miller, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Ryan Moos, Texas Tech Univ
Ethan Munger, Texas Tech Univ
Monica Pasillas, Texas Tech Univ
Erik Sandstrom, Houston Baptist Univ
Jessamine Sikes, Houston Baptist Univ
Maria Slaughter, UT/San Antonio
Dennis Sorto, Texas Woman's Univ
Rebecca Tann, Texas Tech Univ
Ashley Tillerson, Texas Tech Univ
Arabella Villanueva, Stephen F. Austin State Univ
Ashley Wallace, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Christina Weston, Texas Tech Univ

Spring 2017

Grace Anderson, Texas Christian Univ
Adriana Arango, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Music
John Barry, Texas Woman's Univ
Maria Belknap, Tarleton State Univ
Ashley Bogisch, Baylor Univ
Brittany Bonner, Baylor Univ
Stephen Braack, Tarleton State Univ
Enrique Bracamontes, Baylor Univ
Taylor Davis, Baylor Univ
Katherine Fehr, Texas Tech Univ
Taylor Fischer, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Anthea Garcia, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Music
Alexandria Goldberg, Texas Woman's Univ
Jeb Harris, UT/Permian Basin
Jenna Hernandez, Baylor Univ
Whitney Hogue, Midwestern State Univ
Texas King, UT/Permian Basin
Ceinna Knoth, Dallas Baptist Univ
Kylie Krauss, Dallas Baptist Univ
Feliziti Landin, Texas State Univ
Susan Lo, Trinity Univ
Mariana Lopez Levi, Trinity Univ
Sawyer Lowe, Texas Christian Univ
Christian Lyon, Tarleton State Univ
Matthew McMahon, Tarleton State Univ
Sarah Michaelis, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Music
Elizabeth Mora, Texas State Univ
Katie Morris, Texas Tech Univ
Sarah Posz, Texas Christian Univ
Joshua Ready, Tarleton State Univ
Alberto Robledo-Madera, Texas Tech Univ
Heather Seward, Wayland Baptist Univ
Allison Speziale, Texas Tech Univ
Daniel Stephens, Trinity Univ
Meghan Thomasson, Houston Baptist Univ
Zachary Thompson, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Emily Todd, Dallas Baptist Univ
Avery Turner, Texas Tech Univ
Elisa Wiseman, Texas Tech Univ
Angela Yip, Baylor Univ

Fall 2016

Ashley Allen, Texas Tech Univ
Jacob Angel, Baylor Univ
Michael Brenek, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Julia Brown, Univ of Mary Hardin-Baylor
Brianna Busby, Baylor Univ
Benjamin Cordell, Texas Tech Univ
Cheri Crutcher, Texas Woman's Univ
Jorge Flores, Texas State Univ
Michaela Hardin, Texas Tech Univ
Barbara Hughston, Baylor Univ
Rebecca Kozinski, Texas Tech Univ
Victoria Lien, Texas Tech Univ
Austin Montgomery, Baylor Univ
Megan Montgomery, Baylor Univ
Jon Ortiz, Texas Tech Univ
Alejandro Padro-Fuentes, UT/San Antonio