All-State Jazz Audition Policies and Procedures

Click here for a PDF version of the Jazz Audition Policies and Procedures (Revised 2017)

2018-2019 TMEA All-State Jazz Audition Material

Audition material will be released by TJEA and available from sheet music vendors on May 15, 2018.

Audition material for the Region and All-State Jazz Ensembles will be selected from the TMEA-TJEA All-State Jazz Ensemble Audition Etudes and the All-State Jazz Ensemble Audition Compact Disc.  You can use our Exhibitor Directory to find contact information for music retailers.

More information and MIDI files of the jazz etudes can be found on the Texas Jazz Education Association website.

Jazz Audition Material Errata

This page is the official location for posting of TMEA jazz audition material errata.


Etude One:
M. 19, beat 4, the written C# should be C natural. (posted 6/14)

Etude Two:
M. 14, The last note should be an Eb, not E natural (posted 5/17)


No errata at this time.


Etude One:
M. 35, there should be a quarter rest on beat 4 (posted 5/17)


No errata at this time.


No errata at this time.


No errata at this time.


Etude #2:
M. 7, beat 2 and the upbeat of beat 3 are B naturals, not Bb. (posted 6/26)
M. 16, The second and fourth 16th notes of beat 2 should be E naturals. The fourth note of beat 3 remains an Eb. (posted 6/26)  


No Errata at this time.

Area Audition Results

Results for directors will be posted immediately after the Pre-Area and Area auditions.

All-State members will be posted Tuesday, November 20th.

TMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble Instrumentation

InstrumentJazz Ensemble IJazz Ensemble II
Alto Saxophone 2 2
Tenor Saxophone 2 2
Baritone Saxophone 1 1
Trumpet 5 5
Tenor Trombone 3 3
Bass Trombone 2 2
Drums 2 2
Jazz Guitar 1 1
Bass Guitar 1 1
Piano 1 1