Help us evaluate the clinic proposals submitted for the 2020 TMEA Clinic/Convention by clicking on the arrows next to each proposal below, indicating how likely you would be to attend.

  • Proposals for you to evaluate include your primary Division, General Membership, and Technology clinics. If your division is wrong, choose a new division from the links below.
  • Submitted proposals have not been edited.
  • Survey responses are one of multiple factors the Executive Board will use in making clinic selections.
  • Proposals are displayed in a random order each time you load the page. No matter the order, your responses are saved and visible to you.
  • There is no final submit button - responses are saved as you click on them.

Thank you for taking time to complete this survey. The TMEA Executive Board appreciates having member feedback to help them as they create the programs for the 2020 TMEA Clinic/Convention, February 12-15 2020, in San Antonio.

This survey closes Tuesday, June 11, 2019, at 4pm.

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