2020 Convention: February 12-15 in San Antonio, Texas

Proposal period: April 1–June 1, 2019

The 2020 TMEA Clinic/Convention will feature one-hour product showcases to provide convention exhibitors the opportunity to present their products to convention attendees in a clinic setting.

Only companies that submit an exhibit booth contract (opens in September) will be eligible to be selected.

Product Showcase Selection Factors

Important factors in the selection process of product showcases will be:

  • Balance between product types.
  • Balance between divisions (band, orchestra, vocal, elementary, college).
  • Merit
  • Potential value to convention attendees
  • Compatibility with overall convention program

While you must submit an exhibit contract to be eligible to present a product showcase, rental of booth space is not a guarantee of selection. Decisions of the convention planning chair/committee are final.


  • One-hour product showcase times will be available Thursday–Saturday
  • Product showcases will be held in convention center rooms.
  • Capacity: Approximately 200 in each room
  • 30-minute setup period.
  • Product showcases will be listed in the online convention schedule and printed convention program.
  • Fee: $300, invoiced with your booth contract if your product showcase is selected.


  • Open to 2020 exhibitors only
  • Music education products only
  • No demonstration groups allowed because of room space constraints

Convention Registration Requirements

Badges for your Product Showcase clinicians must be acquired through your exhibitor allotment. You receive 3 badges per 10'x10' booth space, and additional badges may be purchased for a fee. Please refer to the exhibitor information for details.

Audio/Visual and Equipment

Understand that TMEA provides only the following equipment for clinicians::

  • One cordless lavalier microphone and one stationary microphone on a podium
  • An LCD projector and screen (HDMI connection)
  • A connection to a sound system (Mini-plug connection - plugs into the headphone port on your device - view image)
  • An electronic piano keyboard (only if requested)

Clinicians must bring any adapters to connect to our equipment and all other equipment needed for the session.

A laptop computer is the recommended method of playing audio files, video files (including DVDs), and using whiteboard/PowerPoint type programs on this equipment. A CD or MP3 player could also be used to play audio files.

Internet Access Alert

Do not rely on Internet access during your presentation. TMEA cannot guarantee the center's WIFI reliability or speed (even if you pay for access). Download all relevant material to your computer and present it from there exclusively.

Information Needed to Complete your Proposal

Do not start a proposal until you have all information available. The proposal cannot be edited after you submit it.

You will need:

  • Thorough overview of what you expect to present during your Product Showcase.
  • Clinic title and description, primary division, primary topic(s), schedule request, and other supporting information.
  • Sponsoring industry name and contact information.
  • All clinicians' contact information: TMEA Member ID (please supply this for any TMEA member) and cell phone. If unknown or not a member, clinicians' name, school/company, phone, cell phone, and email.

Proposal Status

Notification of your proposal's status and scheduling information will take place by October 20.

If you have questions about Product Showcases at the 2020 TMEA Clinic/Convention, please contact Frank Coachman for more information at 1-888-318-TMEA x102.

The deadline for submitting proposals for the 2020 TMEA Clinic/Convention was June 1, 2019.

At this time the product showcase schedule is full. You can contact Frank Coachman to be placed on a wait list in case of cancelations.

Please check back April 2020 to submit your clinic proposal for the 2021 TMEA Clinic/Convention.