Badge/Attendance Policy

To enter the exhibit hall, you must have a convention badge. Review the following TMEA badge policy before attending the convention.

Questions? Contact the TMEA Membership Department at 512-452-0710, ext. 105, or email Membership Manager Susan Daugherty.

Workshop Seating

Attendees who are not active members will be asked to offer their seats to active TMEA members at workshops with capacity attendance. Non-active member attendees will not be provided handouts until a clinic has completed and handouts remain available.

Music Educators

All music educators (public and private) must register for the convention. This includes conductors, clinicians, private lesson instructors, and professional musicians. Texas music educators/musicians must also be active TMEA members to complete registration. If you do not pre-register, you will complete onsite registration and receive your badge after completing that process. Badge replacements are $10 each.

College Students

College music student convention registration is included in the college student membership cost. If you have not completed or renewed your membership prior to the preregistration deadlines, you will receive your convention badge after completing/renewing your college membership through onsite registration. Badge replacements are $10 each.

Family Attendees

Family members of registered attendees can purchase a badge for $15 each, as long as they are not also music educators, musicians, or college music students. For children 11 and under, family badges are free and available if the child is present at registration. Family badges can be purchased through the online registration process or onsite at the convention. Prepurchased family badges are non-refundable. Onsite purchase must be by a TMEA member who has completed registration (by preregistering or completing onsite registration). No CPE credit will be given for individuals with family badges. Additionally, family badges do not provide priority access to All-State concerts. Entrance for family badge holders will be 10 minutes prior to the concert if seating is available. Badge replacements are $10 each.

High School and Middle School Student Attendance

TMEA does not permit attendance by high school and middle school students until Friday after 3 p.m. (except [1] if accompanied by TMEA family members or [2] students who are members of invited performing groups). Directors should note that the TMEA convention should not be used as a field trip opportunity for groups of students. High school and middle school students who are not members of an invited performing group can register beginning at 3 p.m. Friday at the Visitor booth and must present a school ID. Middle school students must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The HS/MS student registration fee is $15 per student. Family of students can purchase family badges (student must be present).

TFME Exception: Active members of a Texas Future Music Educators chapter register in advance and are allowed to pick up their badges onsite starting at 7:30 a.m., Friday morning.

Non-Music Educator Attendees

Anyone who is not a musician or music educator can purchase visitor passes at the Visitor registration booth. No CPE credit will be given for individuals with visitor badges.

Single-day: $95
Multi-day: $150

High School/Middle School Students: $15 (Must present current school ID)
Student attendance is allowed only after 3 p.m. on Friday.
Attendance is not an excusable absence from school.

Purchase daily visitor passes at the Visitor registration booth.
Badge replacements are $10 each.

Performing Group Members/Chaperones

Performing Group Directors will submit their members’ and chaperones’ names in advance. Performing group badges will be available as a single packet for pickup only by the performing group director after he/she has successfully completed registration. Performing group member badges are available at the Visitor booth. Complimentary chaperone badges will not be provided to music educators.

Performing Group Family

Family members of performing group members can attend their group’s concert without a badge. Entrance to the Exhibit Hall does, however, require the purchase of a $15 Family/Visitor badge available at the Visitor registration booth (for children 11 and under, family badges are free and available if the child is present at registration). TMEA encourages you to go through the exhibit hall to experience the latest products and services available with the best deals possible all under one roof!


Go to the Exhibitor Webpage for details on obtaining badges.

Service Animals

With the exception of service animals (as defined by the ADA), no animals are allowed in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

For clarification or additional questions, contact Bernard Brown, City of San Antonio Convention Facilities Manager,