TExES Music Preparation/Review

Welcome to the TMEA TExES Review website. It is the desire of the College Division of the Texas Music Educators Association that the material on this website will be helpful to students preparing for the TExES Music exam. This site contains information about the exam, review course topic areas, frequently missed topics on practice tests, a selected bibliography of resources and other study materials, and a short practice exam.

The state exam for teacher certification in music requires a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the following five domains: music theory, music history and culture, music instruction, music performance, and listening skills. The domains and competencies on which the TExES Music exam is based are designed to assess the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality instruction in the music classroom.

The information presented here is designed to provide an overview of the testing format and to offer resources to students as they develop their own study plan. The site is not intended to include all information and material a student may need in order to be successful on the state test. Students must determine their own strengths and areas for needed improvement and are expected to develop study guides for enhancing their own knowledge base. Students may also benefit from forming study groups, working with a mentor professor, or taking an in-depth review course.


Good luck as you continue preparation toward music certification in Texas!

This site is designed as an aid in providing a general overview of the TExES Music exam for teacher certification in Texas. Use of this material in no way guarantees a passing score on the actual TExES Music exam. Test takers seeking certification are ultimately responsible for their own success in meeting all standards and requirements set forth by the State Board for Educator Certification.