All-State Jazz

All-State Jazz Audition Policies and Procedures

Click here for a PDF version of the Jazz Audition Policies and Procedures (Revised 2022)

2024-2025 TMEA All-State Jazz Audition Material

Audition packets will be available for purchase here on 5/15/2024 at 12:00 AM.

More information and MIDI practice files of the jazz etudes can be found on the Texas Jazz Educators Association website.

Video Performance Guides

Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone
Jazz Piano
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Jazz Guitar

Jazz Audition Material Errata

This page is the official location for posting of TMEA jazz audition material errata.


  • C Minor Blues (Region)
    • m8: (m4 of the blues chorus) should be the following (posted 5/16/2023):
      • Eb: A7alt
      • Bb: D7alt
      • Bass Clef: C7alt
      • Concert: C7alt


  • No errata at this time.


  • Etude Three
    • The All-State cut mark is beat one of measure 24. (posted 8/18/2023)

Tenor Trombone

  • Etude One
    • m4: Beat 3 should be an F# (not F natural) (posted 5/30/2023)

Bass Trombone

  • No errata at this time.


  • Etude Three (The Entertainer)
    • A new play-along track has been provided that has clicks during the drum solo in measures 34-41. Students have the choice to use either play-along track (clicks or no clicks) during recording for Area. (posted 8/18/2023)

Jazz Guitar

  • Etude Two
    • m7: The first chord of the measure is an Ebmi7(b5) (not Emi7(b5)) (posted 7/20/2023)
  • Etude Three
    • m21: The second note up from the bottom of the chord should be an F# (not F natural) (posted 7/20/2023)


  • Etude Two
    • Tempo note should say “Straight 8th/Straight 16th Ballad” (posted 7/20/2023)
  • Etude Three
    • m8: Beat 2 and the and of 4 should be an B natural (not B flat) (posted 7/20/2023)
    • m14: Beat 1 should be marked E natural (not E flat) (posted 8/29/2023)
    • m26: The and of 1 and the and of 4 should be G flat (not G natural) (posted 7/20/2023)


  • Etude One
    • m30-31: Because of hands crossing, take out the top notes in the left-hand voicings (do not play the G, G, E, and F in the left hand) (posted 7/20/2023)
    • m32: Because of hands crossing, take out the top note in the left-hand voicing on beat one (do not play the C in the left hand) (posted 7/20/2023)
  • Etude Two
    • m4: The F# in the middle of the right-hand voicings on the second triplet of beat three and on beat four should be F natural. (posted 7/20/2023)
  • Etude Three
    • m1-8: The left hand should be down an octave (posted 7/20/2023)

Area Auditions

Area recordings will be adjudicated Saturday, November 11 (Trumpet and Trombone Pre-Area), and Sunday, November 12 (Area).

Results for directors/sponsors are available through the audition entry pages (TMEA membership required) immediately after the auditions have finished each day. They are intended for the private use of directors/sponsors and their students. These results are not public and are subject to appeals for 72 hours.

Final public audition results will be available on the All-State Audition Results page at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, November 14.

TMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble Instrumentation

Instrument Jazz Ensemble I Jazz Ensemble II
Alto Saxophone 2 2
Tenor Saxophone 2 2
Baritone Saxophone 1 1
Trumpet 5 5
Tenor Trombone 3 3
Bass Trombone 2 2
Drums 2 2
Jazz Guitar 1 1
Bass Guitar 1 1
Piano 1 1