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Final concert to highlight accomplishments of music students

Everyone is invited to enjoy an evening of music performances as the Texas High School band, orchestra, and choir present their final concert of the school year at 7 p.m., Friday, May 10, in the high school auditorium.

The program will include (list highlights of the program).

The music program at Texas High School has grown to include more than 300 students this year, more than one-fourth of the student body.

“This concert is their opportunity to share with the community all that they have worked hard to accomplish this year,” said Mary Smith, high school music director.

“Our music program not only helps students develop their creativity and self-expression but also teaches them learning skills that help them be successful in other academic areas,” Smith said. She pointed out that more than half of the music students made the school honor roll during the year and music students who took the SAT test this year had an average score 110 points higher than the average for the entire high school.

“We continue to find new ways that music can be integrated into learning in other areas such as math, science and history,” she said.

Among the graduating seniors in the music program, 27 have already received college scholarship offers, Smith said. The college-bound seniors intend to pursue studies in a wide variety of areas including the fine arts, engineering, architecture, premed, communications, and business.

Smith encouraged students who will enter high school as freshmen next year, and their parents, to contact her to learn more about the opportunities to be involved in music during their high school years.