For 33 years Lyle Skinner taught at Waco High, and it has been said that he had done more to launch more young men and women into the field of music than any other man in the state. He not only taught them band and marching, he instilled a true love of music. His bands always had that extra oomph, that prance and sway, the beat that compelled foot-tapping, which won hundreds of awards

In 1932, he began teaching band, orchestra and English at Waco High School. He retired in 1965. Besides winning contests, Skinner, organized and adjudicated many contests, both in Waco and statewide. In fact, during his lifetime he was a contest chairman 35 times. He had judged in almost every region in Texas. He served as President of TMEA from 1941-1942 and was elected Bandmaster of the Year by the Texas Bandmasters Association in 1956.