HR 467

TMEA bill to designate "America the Beautiful," national song


David Pennington was born in Temple, Texas in January 1938 and graduated from Temple High School in 1956. He started his band experience in 6th grade with Durward Howard who taught all band classes. Pennington remembers how he became a beginner: “The principal came into the classes during the first few days of school and asked who was interested in beginning band. My friends raised their hands, so I did too. I’ve always wondered how different my life might have been if I’d been absent that day.” After graduation in 1960, Pennington returned to Temple as the first assistant band director at THS and began work on a MME at North Texas during the summers. In 1970, it was back to Killeen at KHS where Pennington began a string of Sweepstakes bands over eight years. During those years, the KHS band grew from 200 to 400 in three grades. During the years as Director of Fine Arts in Temple, David taught an AP/IB music theory class. Many of his theory students earned high scores at the state contest and two tied for top score in 1992. It was also during this time that he was elected the Band Division Chairman for TMEA. He served as President of TMEA in 1988. 1987-1988