September 7, 2017


From the leadership of TMEA, TBA, TCDA, TODA, ATSSB, and TMAC:

It's wonderful to read about the many ways individuals and organizations have responded to the vast needs created by Hurricane Harvey. The desire to quickly provide assistance is intrinsic—especially our desire to help students regain their opportunity to make music. At the same time, it is imperative that those of us wanting to help offer the teachers and districts affected by the hurricane the time they need to complete a true needs assessment. Only after these complex needs assessments have been completed can each of us offer the best, most meaningful help.

TMEA, partnering with TBA, TCDA, TODA, ATSSB, and TMAC, is committed to providing a central website by which music teachers in every level and type of program can identify their very specific needs and have those needs addressed by individuals, music industry, and organizations across the country.

We are well aware that many of you are already involved in providing much needed and appreciated short-term support. This email is by no means meant to negate or stifle such participation in the relief effort. We will continue to update you when we have created this online resource so that those wanting to help can directly contact those affected by Harvey.

If you have questions or requests about this effort, you are welcome to contact Frank Coachman at