Exhibitor Updates

This page contains content of emails sent to exhibitors to help them prepare for the 2021 TMEA Clinic/Convention.


College Exhibitor Update Emails Sent

January 15, 2021: Identify your booth staff, Prepare to build your booth space

January 15, 2021

Identify Your Booth Staff By February 1:

Review the College Exhibit Booth Personnel Rules

Only names/emails submitted by the deadline will be provided online convention platform credentials to log in.

Texas Institutions: Instructional staff must register for the convention. You can add them as booth staff once their registration has been added to the virtual convention platform. Up to 8 non-instructional staff can be added by emailing them to zgersch@tmea.org. Include the following for each non-instructional person in your email:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Position

Out-of-state Institutions: You may add up to 8 people as booth staff using the link below. If you need login credentials beyond the 8 included in your allotment, you can purchase them for $25 each. Email me at zgersch@tmea.org with this request.

Enter Your Booth Staff Names and Emails Here (Out-of-state only)

Prepare to Build Your Booth Space Now: Before getting access to build your virtual booth space (it’ll be easy), take this time to generate great ideas, prepare materials, and more.

  • Who on your staff will customize your online booth space? Will you change content daily during our event?
  • Who will make repeated live presentations during the February 12, 5:00-6:45 pm College Fair? (uses an embedded Zoom meeting feature launched from your booth space)

At a minimum, get the following ready to upload:

Institution Logo: Have your best quality logo ready to upload. It will display above your institution name on the main college exhibitor directory page and to the left of your institution name in your booth space.
Size/Type: At least 200 pixels wide. Must be a JPEG or PNG file.

Header Banner: Increase your visual appeal with a graphic header that spans the top of your booth space (perhaps you’ll update it daily throughout the event).
Size/Type: 1170 px wide x 145 px tall. Must be a JPEG or PNG file.

Institution Description: You can apply some text styles to your description (bold, italics, lists, images). Link text to pages on your website. Perhaps you link to an audition registration page or to multiple departments’ homepages.

Video: In addition to hosting a primary video that is embedded in your exhibit space (and change it as often as you want), you can also link to other videos in a Files area of your exhibit space.

Files: In addition to the videos I mentioned, you can include other files (brochures, applications, etc.). Keep in mind the student will download these files, so don’t put huge files that will take a long time to get, or they will lose interest.

Institution Website: You’ll enter the URL to your institution’s website

Other Links: You can highlight other webpages on your exhibit space.

Social Media: You can add direct links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts.

Polls: You can add a poll to your virtual booth to get interaction from attendees.