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TMEA Orchestra Division Official All-State Etude Book List

Each year one or two books are chosen for each instrument for etude selections. These books used each year are posted April 15.
The etudes are posted each year on May 1.


Title Editor Publisher Edition
Twenty-Four Studies for the Violin, Op. 37 Jacques Dont/Galamian IMC Int 2378
Rode 24 Caprices for the Violin Rode/Galamian International Music Company 2066
36 Etudes or Caprices for Violin Solo (Ivan Galamian) Fiorillo/Galamian International Music Company No. 2178
Forty Two Studies or Caprices Kreutzer/Singer Schrimer
Etude Speciales, Op. 36, Book 1 Mazas (Galamian) International Music Company No. 2177


Title Editor Publisher Edition
Etudes Speciales, Op. 36, Bk. 1, Vol. 1885 Mazas (Mogill Edition) Schirmer 5026 2570
41 Caprices, Op. 22 for Viola Campagnoli Peters EP2548
16 Fantasy Etudes for Viola Fuchs International Music Company No. 2786
Selected Etudes for Viola, Op. 36 Mazas (Lawrence Wheeler) Carl Fischer BF124
42 Studies for Viola Solo Kreutzer (Pagels) International Music Company No. 976


Title Editor Publisher Edition
Twenty-One Etudes Book 1 for Cello Duport Schirmer 50255840
40 Studies High School of Cello Playing, Op. 73 Popper (Stutch) International Music Company No. 811
12 Caprices for Cello Solo, Op. 7 Franchomme (Klengel) International Music Company No. 854
170 Foundation Studies for Violoncello, Vol. 3 Alwin Schroeder Carl Fischer CF.O2471
20 Studies, Op. 11 Merk (Klengel) International Music Company No. 1709

String Bass

Title Editor Publisher Edition
12 Studies, op 31 for String Bass Lee/Zimmerman IMC Int 1913
57 Studies, Vol I Storch-Hrabe (Zimmermann) International Music Company No. 1034
30 Studies Simandl IMC No. 1296
18 Studies for String Bass Kreutzer (Simandl/Zimmermann) International Music Company No. 1180
12 Studies Libon/Sankey International Music Company No. 3098

Harp and Piano

Audition books and/or selections will be posted on May 1 with the string etude selections.