COVID-19 Updates

TMEA staff and Executive Board hope you and your family are well and doing all you can to stay well. Please note the following information relevant to this time of school closures and return here as this page will continue to be updated.

Resources Repository

Search and filter on this new Teaching Resources page to find helpful information for online and blended instruction, student engagement, advocacy, and more.

TMEA Updates

Updates emailed to TMEA members will also be posted here:

August 6, 2020: Membership renewal, liability insurance, Region meetings, new Resources page, and Mentoring.

July 9, 2020: Summer learning, TMEA Connections events, online resources, Region meetings, and more.

May 22, 2020:  Get updates on remote connectivity, convention deadlines, All-State audition materials, and more.

April 7, 2020: Join Your Region Meeting, Texas Music Scholar, 2021 Convention Performing Group Changes, Convention Proposals, and more.

March 24, 2020: Contacting TMEA, 2020-2022 Alignment, Region Meetings, Honor Band & Orchestra Contest cancellations, and more.

TMEA Auditions Update

July 1, 2020: The TMEA Executive Board announces that to support excellence in student musical development and promote health and safety, all TMEA and ATSSB auditions through January 10, 2021 (middle and high school) will be conducted via uploaded recordings. As details are finalized, we will notify the membership, and Region officers will receive training.

TMEA Invited Performing Group Update

July 21, 2020: The notification to the invited bands, orchestras, jazz ensembles, percussion ensembles, and mariachi ensembles has been extended to September 1. TMEA wants invited groups to have the opportunity to determine whether they can accept such an invitation. We believe that by September 1, most groups will be in a better position to know if they will be able to meet, prepare, and even travel to the convention in February. Selected organizations will be listed on the convention performing group page after the group accepts the invitation.

TMEA Connections Meetings

TMEA hosts “TMEA Connections” meetings to engage members in discussions about the upcoming school year. Watch recordings, download documents, and learn about future meetings.