TMEA Statement on Racism

Texas Music Educators Association condemns the ongoing violence against the Black community in the United States—violence born from systemic racism in our society. We believe Black lives matter, and we realize statements alone cannot adequately respond to this bitter reality or the experiences many TMEA members and students have endured.

Our association is committed to the principles of inclusion, diversity, and equity, and we stand with all those we serve. We are committed to listening and learning, finding ways to combat racism and inequity in music education, and ensuring our sponsored programs are inclusive and equitable. Together, we can do better.

Music education opens boundless opportunities for us to build connections across cultures and a greater respect for and understanding of individuals from all backgrounds. We invite our members to join us in active listening and learning so that we can become a more understanding and compassionate community.

As we develop ways through which we can listen and learn, we invite you to email us at